Staffing Solutions in Iraq

Intiqa collaborates with clients to manage every facet of their Iraqi talent needs to provide them with a clear competitive advantage. We thoroughly understand the complexities of Iraqi staffing needs and trends and how it can affect a firm’s bottom line. Intiqa draws from an extensive pool of highly qualified Iraqi and international candidates to deliver a comprehensive solution by matching the right individual to the right job efficiently and effectively.

Intiqa staffing solutions are fully compliant with Iraqi labour law. We provide end-to-end service and local support in Iraq throughout the project. In addition to our recruitment model, our manpower services include the following:

Acting as an umbrella company for client resources during the project life-cycle and work closely with the client to ensure that their staffing needs are met.

Providing access to specialists with skill sets that can be difficult to source.

Overseeing payroll administration to ensure compliance with Iraqi law, personal income tax and social security contributions.

Managing contractual agreements between clients and resource providers in accordance with Iraqi labour law

Intiqa guide our clients through the payroll process to ensure full statutory compliance with all Iraqi labour and tax laws