• Al Intiqa for General Services Ltd (Intiqa) is a legal entity registered with the Ministry of Trade in Iraq, with up to date registration documents and in full compliance with Iraqi labour and tax law.
  • Intiqa, already an accepted and known provider of payroll and staffing services in Iraq, was founded in 2011 with initial focus on securing Iraqi resources and payroll services to the growing oil and gas industries.
  • Intiqa payroll services adds value to our clients’ business and workforce by tailoring HR and salary solutions to ensure statutory compliance and meet their needs and requirements.
  • At Intiqa we pride ourselves on our values; We maintain integrity, accountability and a passion for Iraq’s reconstruction.
  • Our strength is a strong links to the local community and our high ethical values. We are fully compliant with legal requirements (taxes and labour law) in Iraq and we are qualified participants in the relevant vendor portals and systems.

Our Speciality

  • At Intiqa, we offers a true partnership with our clients and associates and we promise that a personalised and customer experience is realised when doing business with us. Although Iraq is a challenging environment, we can run a low risk operations and we are very committed to work in compliance and follow the local and international standards. We strive to bring collaboration and optimisation after a thorough understanding to to your project needs.

Our Solutions

Focusing on the Oil and Gas industry, Intiqa has developed into a leading solution provider in HR, Training and Payroll services, and Engineering in Iraq.
  •  HR: Search and Select services of local resource including payroll services. Staffing solution including engineering, IT, Petroleum, Project Managers, Geophysics, HSSE, and senior executives
  • Payroll: Work with market leader ADP to provide end to end payroll services including accurate calculations, payments, payslips, and compliance with taxes and statutory regulations in Iraq to enable better tracking and auditing.
  • Soft Skills Training: Provide Business Skills courses including Presentation Skills, Effective Business Writing, Time Management/Planning Skills Introduction to Petroleum Industry, Cross Cultural Collaboration, Problem solving / Conflict Management, Performance Management Skills, Interview and Selection Skills, Leading / Participating in meeting, Introduction to International Business, Decision Making, Managing Change. Building and Maintaining Effective Teams

Our Values

We are very proud of our values (integrity, accountability and caring) and we don’t compromise with our values. Intiqa striving to become a role model in terms of compliance to Iraqi law and established various policies to adhere with modern working practices.

Our Local Knowledge

We have extensive knowledge of business requirements in Iraq and the challenges that face the IOCs in Iraq. we strive for excellence, which is reflected in our candidates and our ability to meet our clients’ needs.

We understand the needs of foreign companies and we are very well equipped to deal with any arising problem or uncertainty.