Payroll Solution in Iraq

Intiqa’s payroll service was launched in 2011 for IBM consultants working for BP at the Rumaila oil field. Since then we have provided fully compliant and accurate payroll services to clients including Nokia, Shell, Lukoil, Novo Nordisk, UK MOD, General Electric and NATO. Our clients place statutory compliance as their top priority and trust in Intiqa as their payroll provider in Iraq.

Intiqa’s payroll solutions dramatically reduce the time, money and effort spent on payroll administration

Payroll Services: intiPAY

The Intiqa Cloud-based INTIPAY solution puts payroll access into the hands of the employer and the employees, securing internet access to pay slips, tax and social security summaries, as well as other relevant reports.

Our solution designed to meet the wide needs of our clients in Iraq and it can provide the following:

Accurate monthly payroll service.

Calculation of Gross and net pay.

Deduction and remittance of statutory payments – tax, social security, other.

Provision of payslip to employee.

Provision of wire transfer of funds to employees on a timely basis.

Assurance that client is fully legally compliant in all payroll matters.

Assurance of accuracy of service.

Payroll Compliant Process

Our payroll process is in full compliance with the Iraqi labour and tax law. We provide our clients and employees full transparent details supported with reports and receipts produced by the local tax and social security departments.